Personalized windows suited for your home.

Like our windows, we are transparent, dependable, and ready to shine a light on your needs.

Energy efficient, reliable brands, custom designs, and affordable – ACR Contracting Inc. does it all. 

Our locally-owned business has 20 years of experience repairing and installing windows. Standard or custom, we're ready to craft the perfect windows for your home.

ACR Contracting Inc. specializes in new window installation in Akron and Canton, OH. We offer affordable, quality service for your home's needs. Like our windows we are transparent, dependable, and ready to shine a light on your needs.

Utility Bill Savings

If you are spending a lot on monthly utilities, energy efficient windows can help. These windows work to keep heat in during the winter, and out during the summer. Installing energy efficient windows can save you money on utility bills, HVAC costs, and keep your home more insulated. There are various types of energy efficient windows on the market, and we're happy to help you choose the windows that are right for you. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

We determine the windows measurements, and your wants to craft the best window design, and type for your home. Have a specific design in mind? We can have it made to your liking. With more design options  available for more than standard installation we’re able to provide you with beautiful yet affordable priced windows and screens in Akron and Canton, OH.

Heat Reduction

Window screens are an efficient way to stop the blazing summer heat from entering your home. The light interception keeps heat out of your home, while keeping you comfortable in Akron and Canton, OH.

Storm Ready

We provide multiple window and screen services for weather damage repair, or prevention. These windows provide protection for homes during inclement weather. Weather damage can cause fogged, cracked or drafty windows which result in a cold or warm home. Let ACR fix your problem with our professional and knowledgeable window teams.

Speedy Window Replacement

From cracks, to shattered glass, ACR Contracting Inc. is here to help replace your damaged window. Our windows have a 14-day turnaround and can be installed within 30 minutes! We begin the process by measuring your window frame and discussing the styles and materials that are right for your home.

Budget Friendly Prices

Utilizing local dealers and workers allows us to keep our costs down without sacrificing quality. ACR provides free window estimates and keeps your budget in mind as a priority when suggesting materials and customization.

Custom Window Orders & Installation

Whether you're receiving a custom or standard window, the job is still customized every time. ACR Contracting Inc. does not follow a one-size fits all method when it comes to installing your window. We use materials based on your budget to create a custom job every time.  

High Quality Team

You're not just receiving windows from our company. You're getting professional equipment installed by highly skilled workers. Our team is made up of steady, dependable, high-quality tradesmen.  

Our Windows Process

4 Easy Steps To Success


Free Estimate

Call us to make an appoointment and our sales associate will provide a detailed inspection and measure all of your current windows. This includes budget, materials, and the overall look for your property. 


Insurance Claim Process

At ACR Contracting, we deal with all insurance companies. We will help you file the claim with your insurance company. We meet with the insurance adjuster at your home or business on your behalf, therefore we handle the process for you. 


Installation and Cleanup

At ACR Contracting Inc. we customize orders to ensure you're getting the windows you envision. The process begins with removal and disposal of the old materials without causing damage to the yard or anything near the home. Depending on the size, window installations usually take 2-3 days.


Final Inspection & Warranty

We'll check to ensure that all windows are properly installed and able to meet all warranty specifications for coverage, giving you added peace of mind. Our best quality windows have a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

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Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficient windows keep heat in during the winter, and out during the summer. Let us secure your home with a quality energy efficient window.

Solar Screens

Solar screens are dark screens that reduce the amount of sunlight that comes in through windows.  Solar screens not only help you beat the summer heat. They also help keep your home warm in the winter. 

Custom Installation

ACR Contracting Inc. replaces/installs customized windows for each job. Our precision and accuracy allow us to offer affordable custom windows like garden windows, skylight windows, bay windows, and more.

Storm Windows

We mount storm windows externally or internally to help secure your home and improve insulation.

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